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Q&A with author Paul De Guingand

Why the Buffalemu?

Out on a walk in the bush near Melbourne, Australia, we discussed how sometimes life seems simpler when we are close to nature. Some things that confuse us can be a little clearer.

We also started to wonder about whether animals ever wondered about their identify and whether they felt that they fitted in. If they ever felt confused about life – and what form this might take. If, for instance, an emu wondered where it might fit in, and whether life made sense…

What does it mean?

The Buffalemu is most importantly a fun story, and an adventure through the outback.

The words are how I imagined it might be if Dr Seuss and Banjo Patterson sat down over a bottle (or two) of red wine, and talked about sense of self worth.

Of course I realise the presumptuous arrogance of this: The Buffalemu is entirely my own story, though it was inspired in a way by the crazy idea of these two literary greats sharing some laughter across the decades.

Underlying the story, you might find some themes that resonate with you. Sometimes people take a long time to realise that they have their own worth.

Maybe it takes a bit of a walk through the bush to realise that they are already wonderful as they are right now.

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